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Hedgehog Rescue Chipping Sodbury was created by Tracey Boden in 2015. 

In 2015, Tracey began rescuing hedgehogs, and rehabilitating them in her garden shed. Since then, through the installation of a new shed, the recruitment of keen volunteers, and some donations from the public, this non-profit organisation is able to successfully rescue hedgehogs in need each year!

About Us: About Us

The Beginning

After finding a poorly hedgehog in her garden in 2015, Tracey sought advice from a hedgehog rescue centre. After describing its condition to the adviser, the hedgehog was diagnosed as dehydrated, and Tracey was asked if she would be able to administer fluids to the hedgehog via injection. As a fully trained professional nurse, Tracey was able to re-hydrate the hedgehog by administering fluids. 

Tracey's natural instinct for care and passion for hedgehog conservation led to the creation of Hedgehog Rescue Chipping Sodbury. 

About Us: Who We Are


Since the birth of the rescue, Hedgehog Rescue Chipping Sodbury has grown to include several dedicated volunteers, many more enclosures, and now plays an active part in European hedgehog conservation, through direct rehabilitation and public education.

We are almost entirely self-funded by Tracey, who has invested her earnings into supporting the hedgehogs of Chipping Sodbury for the past eight years

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