A Heroic Rescue!

On August 12th 2020, Tracey attended a hedgehog wedged down a drain pipe, and with the aid of workers from Kingswood Fire Station, the hedgehog was freed!

Tracey attempted to guide the finder through the rescue; unfortunately this attempt was unsuccessful, and so Tracey attended the rescue herself. The hog was significantly wedged down the drain and despite many attempts, it was impossible to do without help. Kingswood Fire Station were contacted and some lovely chaps arrived to assist in the rescue.

Due to the depth at which the hedgehog had become stuck, a lot of digging, cutting and drilling was required, in total taking over two hours! At one stage during the rescue attempt, Tracey administered a fluid injection to the hog due to severe dehydration.

The fire service continued for a considerable time until they were finally able to remove the hog in the blistering temperatures of that day.

So many thanks to the significant and persistent efforts of the fire service in saving what is a male hog named "Smudge", who is now tucked up safely at the rescue, having been bathed to remove dirt, watered and well fed.

The message from this rescue is to ensure that you cover your drains as a further aid to help our spiky friends!

We are very grateful to the fire service for all their efforts in rescuing this unfortunate hog, and hope you are inspired by this wildlife success story!

For information on how to help hogs in your area, have a read of our other articles to find out more!

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