Our first merchandise launch with Artful Paws!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In May 2020, Charley one of our regular volunteers reached out to a wildlife artist she knows well to ask if she might like to donate some of the sales from her artwork to our rescue. Amazingly, the artist sent us all of her remaining stock of her beautiful unique artwork and told us to keep all the proceeds from the sales for our hedgehog patients!

We are absolutely blown away by Pam’s kindness, and would like you all to know a bit about her! She sent us the following lovely description…

Hi, my name is Pam Wright and I am very lucky to live in the lovely New forest. I have always had a love for all living things and also a love of drawing them since I was very little. I qualified as a veterinary nurse when I left school and now I work as a veterinary receptionist, where we have all sorts of interesting wildlife brought in to us.

I started designing and selling cards 40 years ago when I was at home with my young children and have sold them at craft fairs and shops ever since. I like to work on Scraperboard which is a white board covered in a layer of black Indian ink, scraping off the black with a very fine scraper tool to reveal the white striking image.

At home I enjoy feeding and watching the birds and squirrels during the day and the hedgehogs and occasional fox at night. We have at least 5 hogs visiting nightly, including one resident living in our hog house. Three of the hogs are rescues as I am lucky enough to live next door but one to our local hedgehog rescue; they are micro-chipped to identify them. Two very large hogs have no chip so have thankfully never had to be rescued.

My cat, Ziggy, is very concerned about the amount of dried kitten food I put out for the hogs and will often join them to help them eat it all up! He is also concerned that I give our daily visiting Herring gull, Bob, the cat food that he just refused to eat, suddenly it becomes tasty again! But that’s ok because Bob just comes indoors and helps himself to the hogs dried kitten food that is conveniently left by the open door. Ziggy and Bob have learnt to mutually respect each other and are often seen beak to nose, checking each other out!

We have a limited number of these designs available! For more information on products and how to order, visit

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