Welcome to the Website! Our goals for 2020

Welcome to the Hedgehog Rescue Chipping Sodbury website!

Why have we created a website?

· To release regular articles in order to raise awareness and improve peoples' knowledge about hedgehogs

· To update our followers on our rescues, our aims and goals

· To help to engage the public more actively with hedgehog conservation

· To provide information concerning all aspects of hedgehog ecology, conservation and welfare

· To provide helpful guides on how you can help hedgehogs in your area

Our 2020 goals

This year we are hoping to encourage a rise in donations, with the aim to raise

enough money to sustain us for the year, to repair and replace some old cages, and to raise enough money to buy a nebuliser! Nebulisers are small contained boxes rigged with a mechanism that releases steam inside. This piece of equipment is particularly useful in helping hedgehogs overcome problems that affect their ability to breathe well, such as lung worm.

Through the pandemic, we will still be in need of the following things, and would be very grateful to receive any:

· Newspapers (preferably without staples)

· Dry specially formulated hedgehog food (e.g Spikes, Brambles, etc.)

· Dry kitten food

· Kitchen roll

· Off-cuts of good quality linoleum

· Black bin liners

· Tins of pedigree chum

· Any financial donations, even one pound can help!

We are very grateful for all the support we have received during the pandemic so far; we have received food and newspaper donations, which have been very helpful to our cause.

We have also observed a significant increase in donations due to the creation of a JustGiving page, created for us by a lady we received a hedgehog from earlier in April.

We will be aiming to release regular blog articles covering all manner of hedgehog-related topics, so keep a close eye on the website in the coming weeks!

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